Water Softeners - aquazen

Water Softeners - Aquazen

Prevent Scale Formation of Salt on Boilers, Geyser Coil, Solar Systems Thus Save Energy, Aviod Repairs / Breakdowns of Equipments & Machinery Due To Scale Formation Cuts Down Consumption of Shampoo, Detergent, Toilet Soap Etc. No Stain on Flooring, Tiles & Sanitarywate Taps & Fistures Do Not Colg Prevent Hair Loss, Make Hairshine & Skin Soft No irritation by Salt or No Itching of Skin Clothes Stay Soft, Wash Better & Last Longer Coffee, Tea & Cooked Food Tastes Better Total Pipe LineProtection From Scaling Thus Decreasing Plumbing & Mainternance Cost Prevent Health Problems Blood Pressure Kidney Etc.

Available in Manual And Auto